Sunday Best

Yesterday brought two bonuses. Bonus one: breakfast at the Pork Store.

Trending now: biscuits.

Miraculously, the Pork Store had no line when we rolled in around quarter after ten. (Unheard of, right? Turns out we just beat the rush.) I got Eggs in a Tasty nest — two over-medium eggs atop a cheddar-topped mound of sautéed tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, bacon, and garlic, all on top of hash browns — and biscuits. Oh, biscuits. If I believed in past lives, I’d surmise that maybe I’d been from the Deep South, my love of biscuits is so true.

The Nest is not for the faint of gullet: the hash browns possess a crispness that can be achieved only through the ultraliberal use of oil, and the veggies sheen with grease. I’m pretty sure my platter — an accurate descriptor of the size of the plate — contained eight ounces of cheese. But the biscuits: I ate them with butter and jam, lingering over each delicate bite.

When the time comes, I’d like biscuits on my tombstone.

Bonus two: fresh dates at the Civic Center market!

Want a raisin? How about a date? (Wokka, wokka.)

Have you ever seen a fresh date? I hadn’t until yesterday, but they’re gorgeous. A fellow shopper urged me to try & buy, so I did. He (fellow shopper) suggested storing the dates in the fridge — “They’ll stay fresh longer, and they’re very good chilled,” he said. I bought about a pound and a half; they make an excellent snack. About the size of lychees (or very very small Roma tomatoes), the dates are crisp-fleshed with a slight tartness. I hope I can find them at next week’s market — fingers crossed.


2 responses to “Sunday Best

  1. Aren’t fresh dates the BEST?! My mouth orgasms just thinking about them.

  2. They are SO GOOD. I just…keep…eating them. Might bring some as part of tomorrow’s lunch, too(!)

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