My weekend project has been decided for me:

These are the nicest Allsorts I've ever seen -- and I've seen a lot.

Licorice Allsort Slice, submitted by fuss free cooking on Foodbuzz. If you haven’t tried licorice allsorts, get thee to a confectionary stat! They are one of the best-ever “old man candies” (more on this later), and one that I discovered only a year ago. My favorites are the coconut licorices: rings of coconut candy, dyed Pepto pink or Peeps yellow, encircling bits of black licorice. Of course, the multicolored sandwich stax are tasty, too.

I realize that the Allsort Slice falls into the same category as M&M-spiked Rice Krispie treats and Puppy Chow, but guess what? This coming weekend is a holiday weekend, and therefore I give myself full license to make the most teeteringly-decadent sweet treat(s) I can find. End-of-summer sugar coma, here we come!


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