Sunday Roundup

Two things:

1) Hook and I made a superb dinner last night: Top: Dover Sole, brushed with Blood Orange olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper, fresh dill, thyme (grown and dried by Hook himself), and lemon juice. Exquisite. Bottom: Swiss chard and onions in vegetable broth, seasoned with salt, pepper, thyme, and a sprinkle of dried basil. Yes, the chard looks like a Zombie Landscape, but it was mighty tasty. With dinner we had fresh sourdough and chardonnay.

2) After a long(ish) quest, I found an Entemann’s coffee cake, and you’ll never guess where. Give up? Andronico’s. (Note: for those who don’t live in the Bay Area, Andronico’s is akin to a Whole Foods, but smaller.) How is it that neither a middling-to-below-average grocery store nor three corner/package stores had a crappy coffee cake, but Andronico’s did? Mysteries of the world…


4 responses to “Sunday Roundup

  1. Wait — is Entemann’s hard to get here? Weird! I guess I haven’t looked. There’s an Entemann’s day-old store I used to go to near Roseville — heaven!

  2. Heaven indeed! Entemann’s is hard to get here — or harder, anyway. I thought all convenience stores carried preservative-filled coffee cakes, but maybe this is more of a Midwestern and/or suburban thing(?) Ah, well: the good news is, I have my cake.

  3. Whole Foods: the poor man’s Andronico’s.

  4. True that — they (Andronico’s) have a pretty good salad bar, but nothing holds a candle to Whole Foods’ hot/cold bar.

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