Internet Roundup/Festival Time

The past few days haven’t been way more newsworthy than normal, but I did come upon a few gems. Michael Bauer’s zero star review of Morton’s Steakhouse almost caused me to bust a gut (silently, of course) as I read it during my lunch break. (Note: it also dramatically raised the appeal of my standard salad & bread.) In this video, Tartine’s Chad Robertson explains the benefits of an eight-hour rise time. Necessity is the mother of invention? You betcha. For any of you who were wondering what Alice Waters’ kitchen looks like, well, it looks like this — more or less what I’d have imagined, and I am so covetous of that table. And, via R.L. who posted this on facebook, should we really pay $4 for a peach? You know what I’d say, but I’m also the one who just ate a $3.89 serving of yogurt.


This weekend is the 15th annual Ghirardelli Square Chocolate Festival(!) Recalling last year’s event (and my strangely deficient chocolate-eating stamina), I’ve been looking forward to this year’s fest for a good two weeks. That’s right: last year — when fest organizers still offered 20, not 15, samples for $20 — Hook and I had to return on the festival’s second day so that we could try more of the offerings. I have a feeling our dessert-eating prowess was weakened by all the wine and chips we had at the Costco Wine Tent, but whatevs. This year, I’m ready: no wine until after I’ve eaten all my chocolate.

For those of you who aren’t so much into sweets, this weekend is also Brews on the Bay. Advance tickets for Saturday are no longer on sale, but you can get a two-day or just a Sunday pass. Too bad these festivals are happening at the same time: I’d like to hit both, but I’d hate to take out my pancreas and my liver.


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