Guest Post: State Fair Photo Gallery

Nothing signals the end of summer quite like the Minnesota State Fair. In late August, Minnesotans gather to tour the livestock barns, visit the booths of local politicians, wet-wipe the seats of the mangy Midway rides before sitting down, and see such acts as Styx at the Grandstand. Who am I kidding? The fair is all about food — fried food on a stick. The more batter, powdered sugar, and corn syrup, the better.

I was hoping to return to Minnesota to attend the fair with my mom and sis, but alas, my plan failed. To console me, my sis sent some pictures of the fair foods that piqued her interest. She didn’t try all of the items pictured — as a vegetarian, she doesn’t go for deep-fried bologna — but she did write the captions. Enjoy!

A sign for deep-fried bologna. I don't like this stand because it's one of the booths with too many commercially-made looking signs...but that's my weird preference thing.

Deep-fried candy bar.

CHEESE CURDS--my favorite food at the fair. These are from the mousetrap stand. These are the best type of curds; they're made with cheddar, so they're chewy (not rubbery), and they don't have a high American cheese content so they're not too gooey.

Risotto Poppers from the French Meadow Bakery (I think). These were a concoction of risotto and a three-cheese blend and were battered and deep-fried. Not my favorite; I only got them because they were featured in the coupon book. They were too oniony and not well-spiced. Also, they were served with a Tablespoon of cold, commercial marinara sauce. Meh. And, at 3/$5, they weren't as good of a value as were the cheese curds. At least with the curds, you know what you're getting into.

Sweet Martha's Cookies.

Thanks for the photos, sys! I hope that next year I’ll be able to visit the fair in person, rather than having a “virtual tour” (and not actually being able to eat any cheese curds).


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