Dispatch from the Pepper Patch

Two tiny (and extremely hot) Bolivian Rainbow peppers, grown by Mr. A. Hook.

It was harvest weekend at the Hook household. A few months ago, Aaron bought two pepper plants at the Civic Center market. The first was a Habanero plant, the second, a Bolivian Rainbow Pepper plant; both occupy prime real estate on Hook’s plant table, which sits beside the living room window.

Careful tending and consistent watering yielded these two tiny Bolivian Rainbow peppers. Just larger than my pinkie nail, the peppers are almost unbelievably spicy. H. sliced the top off of one and had me place the cut edge against my tongue. I went running for water and instead took a glug of the Dr. Pepper sitting on the counter.

Hook sliced his two peppers and mixed them in with scrambled eggs. Served thusly, their heat was masked and they became, if not just edible, then pleasantly fiery. The Habaneros are still growing, but I’ll post an update as soon as that harvest takes place.


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