Postscript: Double Whammy!

Quickly, two tidbits:

1) Hook had a surprise for me when I got home from work: the new edition of Will Write For Food (autographed). Hells yeah! I’ll be reading the blogging chapter tonight or tomorrow night, depending on how planz shake out, and will then relay relevant thoughts to you, dear reader.

Reiteration: Hook is the best(!!!)

2) Hook presented me with another, no less thoughtful surprise: dinner from Irving Pizza. Those who know me know my boundless love for Irving’s pie + jalapeno poppers, particularly the latter. (Note: if you claim to dislike jalapeno poppers, you probably have no soul.)  I’ve got an Irving-specific post in the works, have no fear, but I wanted to include this delicious tidbit in my postscript to yesterday’s post and get you all thinking about the holiness that is a hand-tossed pie, half garlic and pepperoni, half jalapeno and pineapple, sauce tangy and crust browned and fragrant. Thinking caps on!


6 responses to “Postscript: Double Whammy!

  1. Tasty! I’ll counter with my current fave: Punch Pizza‘s Mimi. A fresh caprese-style salad atop a hot from the wood-burning oven, magic crack crust that is slathered with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and sea salt (I add pepperoncini, too).

    To. Die. For.

  2. Oh, god: intense pizza cravings! Your ‘za is definitely classier than mine — Irving definitely falls into the category of “comfort food” — but I stand by Irving Pizza’s continued excellence 🙂

    Still, the next time I’m in the TC, I’m going to Punch’s…

  3. You should call me the next time you venture north. There will be ‘za.

  4. I’ll totally call! I’ll next be in MN around Xmastime, I think. (Sadly, I don’t get enough time off for Thanksgiving to venture Midwestward, but I’ll make the journey at Christmas.)

  5. Do you have the best boyfriend ever or what?! N.B.: This should not be construed as me hitting on him; I’ve got the best one ever of my own.

  6. Hook is the best boyfriend ever — except your bf, of course 🙂 (Also, I am not hitting on your boyfriend, just remembering with fondness those Ike’s sandwiches. We should have another Ike’s date soon, yes? Yes!)

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