RE: Cap’n Crunch Oops! All Berries Cereal , REF.# 027311273A


Thank you for your interest in our limited edition variety, Oops All Berries Cap’n Crunch Cereal.

While we don’t have a listing of store locations, Oops All Berries will be in Wal-Mart, Target, and Meijer for the remainder of 2010. If you don’t see it on these store’s shelves, please ask the store manager if he can order it from his grocery supplier.

We appreciate your business, Kate, and I hope this information is helpful. Enjoy!

Quaker Consumer Relations
A Division of PepsiCo
Ref# 027311273A


That’s the response I received to my inquiry about where to find Oops! All Berries in the greater SF area. I have to applaud the speed with which Theresa replied to my message, her chipper professionalism. I’m not pleased that Oops! isn’t carried at grocery stores. Yes, I understand why it’s being carried at Target and Wal-Mart, where people flock to buy everything from underwear to prescription drugs to off-the-rack tunics to Goldfish crackers, but I do not understand why more actual food stores don’t have the product. Sigh.

The perfect breakfast for eight-year-olds everywhere -- and for yours truly.

I won’t give up the fight — not yet. At the current juncture, I have two options. One: find a grocer (within city limits) that carries Oops! This might be achieved by placing a series of strategic phone calls and/or visiting an ass-ton of grocery stores. Two: find a friend to drive me to Target. (Alternately, I could rent a Zip car and drive my damn self! Or take Sam Trans, but I might be too timid to try the latter.)

Whatever I do, I have to get my hands on a box of CRONCH before the variety is again discontinued! Theresa, did you think I wouldn’t notice your sly inclusion of “for the remainder of 2010?” Were you trying to slip that by me? Well, you didn’t. I’m going to make sure I stock up on Oops! All Berries before the Good People at Quaker pull it from the shelves for god knows how long a time. Nearly a decade went by when this Cereal of Kings was unavailable to consumers; I can’t let another ten years pass without [Crunch]berries at my breakfast table.


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