Seen/Heard: Two-Wheeled Taco Truck


Photo taken at the Castro Street Fair, 10/3/10.


Hypothetically two-wheeled, at least. This vendor combines three of my favorite things: bike transport, tacos, and Food Carts in General. Carry on, good sir! I’d have tried a taco (or two) had I not just eaten brunch/were I not about to chug a beer. Alas: the next time I see this gent peddling (and pedaling – HA!) his wares, I’ll pick some up.


Last night I dreamed that I made s’mores using Asian pears instead of graham crackers, homemade mallows instead of store-bought. I know why my brain conjured this dream — I recently read a recipe for a shaved fennel and Asian pear salad and my co-workers have been talking about making marshmallows. Still, I’m pretty pleased that my sleeping brain constructed this tasty-sounding, if zany, combination. I’m already planning to make scones on Friday evening, but I may have to amend my plan to include said “s’mores.” Would you eat a fruit-based s’more? Have you?


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