In the News: Weekly Roundup

Have you been captivated by the McDonald’s meme that’s been dominating the Internetz for the past week or so? I have (mildly). Attempting to redirect our attention from the fact that A McDonald’s kids’ meal has not decomposed during the course of six months, William Leith posits that McDo’s isn’t making us fat, but that our “culture of greed” is the real culprit. I’m lovin’ it! On the topic of Burger Chains, did you know that Burger King in the Netherlands has a Nacho-topped Whopper? Is it wrong that I kind of want to try this sammie? (I know I’ve given people plenty of shit for trying KFC’s Double Down, but this…this is different.) Economix reports that a new study shows that those who buy groceries with cash (instead of plastic) are less inclined to buy “vice items” — cookies, candies, doughnuts, and the like. I’m interested to read more about the research, but I can tell you that I’ve bought many a bag of M&Ms with spare change. Sometimes, when it comes to candies, cash doesn’t make a bit of difference.

Providing my favorite food-related kvetch of the past few days, Esquire published a list of the year’s worst food trends, many of which I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid. How I’ve lived in the Bay Area over a year and have not seen produce wheeled about on a cart (or how I’ve sidestepped all Bryn(n)s) is beyond me. I’ll tell you my secret behind preventing molten-cake annoyance: I don’t order it!

In the realm of home cookery, Mark Bittman shares his insight about the virtues of streaming classic dishes (“You get to eat them rather than think about them”). Solid logic, methinks. Saveur published Kenny Shopsin’s recipe for pumpkin pancakes; judging by the amount of heavy cream used, I think they’ll be a hit. According to the NY Times, Sunset magazine is experiencing something of a revival — funny timing, because I only recently became interested in the publication (am I sending down CA roots?). NPR published this wonderful story about the popularity of the “Bring Your Own Restaurant” phenom in Holyoke, MA, which is indeed a ghost town. I’ve been there, but have never eaten a meal within its borders. Unless you count meals eaten at the Holyoke Mall; then you could count me as a regular.


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