Candy Day: October’s Original Sweet Celebration

Were you aware that Halloween was not the first candy-centric holiday scheduled in October? That, in fact, Candy Day-cum-Sweetest Day was the original Celebration of Sugar? I wasn’t until I read this article by Samira Kawash, which explores the celebration’s origins and the myths created to divert public attention from the fact that this “holiday” was really nothing more than a marketing scheme. Scheme or not, Candy Day seems to me like a mighty fine idea. Considering our huge collective guilt (real or feigned) surrounding the consumption of candy, that Worst of Non-Nutritive Substances*, why not specify a day on which people of all ages, creeds, colors, and religions can come together as one for the purpose of horqing sugary treats? True, Halloween mostly meets this social need, but its purpose is muddied with a shared emphasis on supernatural lore and prank-playing. Why not reinstate Candy Day, devoting to candy the undivided national time and attention it deserves? So few foods enjoy the benefits of bringing joy to the eater, having little-to-no nutritive value, and not making any bones about being unhealthy, so give candy its fair due! It’s sweet, it’s cheering, and it presents itself honestly. If only we could say the same about most of our social contacts, eh?

(Note: I did not get paid by the Candymakers Association of America to post this entry. I just really, really love candy.)


*Samira Kawash also writes eloquently on our guilt-fueled relationship with candy, which lacks the “health halo” that exonerates other crap foods like granola bars, energy bars, and Enhanced Water Beverages.


2 responses to “Candy Day: October’s Original Sweet Celebration

  1. We used to sell greeting cards for Sweetest Day at Factory Card Outlet when I worked there. I nerve knew what it was!

  2. O rly? I’d never heard of this holiday until I read the linked article, but I’m gonna bring it back — ALL BY MYSELF! (You are welcome to help, if ye like :))

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