In the News: Weekly Roundup

It’s been a slow blogging week, not because there’s no news, but because I’ve been too damn busy to sit down. Seriously, folks: my bedroom light burned out about four days ago, plunging my room into total total darkness, and what did I do? Change it? No! I just dragged in a lamp from the living room. That’s how busy I’ve been. But, here are a few odds & ends I’ve read this week.

Remember Kevin Gillespie, that bearded Top Chef virtuoso who managed to include pork in pretty much every challenge? (I hope you remember Kevin!) Well, he’s scored himself a two-cookbook book deal. Nicely done, sir.

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to think about — wait for it, wait for it — Christmas!* Just kidding: it’s time to think about Thanksgiving. Here, Harold McGee debunks five T-day myths. (Note: Even as a kid, I knew it was a bad idea to cook the stuffing inside the bird.)

I’ve recently had the problem where an overly zealous waiter or waitress swoops in and clears my plate, even though there were a few soggy fries on it  (fries that I was intending to eat, thankyouverymuch! (Alternately: Based on the total price of the meal, I probably paid $.70 for each damn fry.)). In her column, FloFab shares her thoughts on this disturbing trend.

Pig's blood pudding, anyone?


You’ve likely seen this by now, but Robert Sietsema’s list of NYC’s top ten most challenging dishes made me thankful that I was able to eat oatmeal for breakfast instead of, say, goat’s eyeballs. Someday, maybe, I will warm to organ meats, but today is not that day. Also in the Voice is this list of adjectives poised to replace “delicious.” Next time I eat a sandwich, I’ll let you know whether I feel it in my nether regions.

That’s all for now, folks. Next week, expect a return of regular posting, an account of my Very First Cheese Class, and an update on the Oops! All Berries sitch. Happy Friday!


*Note: I have already seen Christmas displays in drug and grocery stores; many of these displays appeared before Halloween was even over. People, people! What is life coming to?


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