In the News: Weekly Roundup

Ahoy, friends! We’re 15 days from Thanksgiving (“T-day”), and the internetz abounds with tips, tricks, and recipes, staid and nontraditional alike. Consequently, many of my scrounged news items this week will relate to “Turkey Day,” as it is affectionately known in parts of Middle America. Chow provides us with “A MacGyver Thanksgiving,” whose hints include how to prepare a fab meal without such items as a can opener, rolling pin, or pepper grinder. Ah, but if I’d only known to sub in floss for trussing twine! J/K: Hook and I had trussing twine last year and did not use it. Also, our turkey turned out very well, thanks. Nonetheless, check these hints to prevent (or lessen the effects of) any last-minute freakouts due to missing kitchenwares. Bittman’s “101 Head Starts on the Day” (printed last year around this time) advises us on what we can make before T-day proper, saving ourselves heartache and hassle. Sam Sifton provides a list of 50 restaurants with promising(?) Thanksgiving fare, and Chow gives us this list of 10 vegetarian Thanksgiving dishes (Mushroom and Fennel Bread Pudding? Yes, please.) and advice on how to host a bird-free dinner. For dessert, Saveur gives us these ten T-day cookie recipes. I’ll try the cookies, but nothing can take the place of pumpkin pie — both in my heart and in my stomach.

Unrelated to Turkey is this veteran’s account of the food he remembers from the Vietnam War. Reading this, I was glad that my meals are comparatively stress-free.

Finally, ever wonder where Trader Joe’s food comes from? I haven’t, but if you’re curious about the source of your Peppermint Joe Joe’s, these hypotheses might strike your fancy. (Note: I’d always assumed that Trader Joe’s food comes from giant factories, much like other packaged foods, but that’s just my hypothesis.)


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