The Countdown Continues…

You’re probably as sick as I am of Thanksgiving hype. Every site I read has been inundated (for, ahem, the past three weeks) with recipes, tips, tricks, horror stories, parables, recommendations, and more related to the upcoming holiday. Black Friday commercials have taken the stead of those dreaded Yoplait ads (which, by this point, I’d be glad to have back), and my grocery store has set up a giant Thanksgiving-related display in the middle of the damn deli section.

I wouldn’t be so curmudgeonly about all this hype except for the fact that I’m super excited for Thanksgiving itself. What? you wonder. Why, then, are you hating on the turkey buzz? My feelings can be summarized like this: the more hyped something is, the less likely it is to live up to the standard generated by the hype. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays (Xmas being the other: doi), but the overpromotion of the holiday has the potential to lessen the event’s significance. The more bombarded I am with images of steaming green bean casseroles, flawless pies, and Happy Families Acting Out Cozy Hearthside Scenes, the more exasperated I become with the thought of Thanksgiving, even though I really like Thanksgiving a lot. Everything is better in moderation — even anticipation.

That said, I just did my T-day shopping, purchasing the ingredients necessary for dressing (my mom’s traditional recipe) and cranberry relish. Holy God, I cannot wait to prepare and then dig into this dressing. (I only make from-scratch dressing once a year, on average, so digging in is the only appropriate means of consumption, mmkay?) Hook hasn’t decided what he’s going to bring to the feast we’ll be attending, but I know it will be good. If it’s a pie, then it will be mind-blowingly good. Not to overhype it or anything.


5 responses to “The Countdown Continues…

  1. Oh my God. That picture :-S

  2. Oh noes! I can remove it, if ye like?

  3. I wish they started hyping T-gives as early as they start hyping Xmas. It is my favorite holiday.

  4. ‘Tis true that Thanksgiving doesn’t receive the accolades that it should (compared to Xmas). Then again, Christmas receives a singularly ridiculous amount of hype — be prepared for kvetching about that!

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