Confession time: I’ve been slacking on my blog. You know it as well as I do; the lapses between posts don’t lie! And yet, I have an excuse (a fairly solid one, at that) for my apparent blog-related laziness: I’m in the process of moving.

That’s right: for the past few weeks, I’ve been in the process of schlepping all my worldly goods to Aaron’s place. Though our apartments are a scant three blocks apart, you’d be surprised at how prolonged and difficult the relocation process is. Really, I’ve even surprised myself. Given that I moved out here in my car*, I thought that my possessions would be easy to pack/transport. Not so. It seems that, in the year+ that I’ve resided in SF, I’ve accumulated quite a bit of stuff — clothes, mostly, but books and papers, too — stuff that required extensive sorting, dusting, consideration, etc. before being tossed willy-nilly into boxes and carried across the Panhandle. Those who know me will attest to my packrat nature, but JESUS! New living arrangements make me want to become A Minimalist, for real.

The good news is this: I’m almost totally moved in. Yesterday, Courtney drove me (and a bunch of books!) over to Hook’s place. I’ve got one batch o’ things left in my former apartment’s living room and then I’m set. Words cannot describe the relief that will overtake me once all of my shit is in one place, finally, truly.

Is this a legit dinner? Don't answer that.


The not-so-good news: I don’t have many tales of kitchen intrigue to report. Indeed, I’ve also been slacking on the cooking front (with the exception of the dishes I prepared for Thanksgiving, whose antics I am still planning to recap). Case in point: last night’s dinner was an artisanal English muffin, wine, and chips/salsa. Not even organic chips, nor blue corn — just garden variety Tostitos.

World, what are you coming to?

Woes aside, I can assure you that once my move is complete, I’ll be back on the blogging track like never before — just you watch! My stock pot is perched on its shelf, ready for use, and I’ve got a slew of squash recipes begging to be tested. For now, I’ve got to pack my gym bag and hit the hay. Tomorrow will overturn a new blogging leaf.


*A Corolla, no less! Impressed? I was. See also: neo-nomadic lifestyle.


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