Yet another reason my job rocks:

Ms. Edd made this beautiful cake from the ground up. Holla, SE!

Around these parts, we’re no strangers to celebration. Every time a holiday rolls around — Halloween, Christmas, Groundhog Day*, what have you — we plan a corresponding celebration. Fittingly, we celebrated Nathan’s Birthday in high style. Tuesday, we met for a[n early] b-day breakfast at IHOP, whose pancake-centric entrees each contain enough sugar to support a year’s worth of cotton candy production (no joke), and Thursday we had an office party to which Stephanie contributed the gorgeous cake pictured above.

Stephanie’s baking talents were early made clear to us when S. brought in Madelines to share with the team; she later solidified her status of Top Baker when she brought cinnamon rolls to our Transcribers’ Potluck (I still drool when I think of those rolls). The cake she prepared for Nathan’s birthday, though: oooh, baby! A proper, old fashioned, two-layer affair, the cake itself was Devil’s Food separated by a layer of orange-chocolate ganache (made with orange zest, not orange extract) and iced with chocolate buttercream frosting. Sweet but not too sweet, rich but not over-the-top, the cake was perfect. It tasted even better on Friday, when we ate the leftovers at our coffee break.

If every day could be a birthday party, I’d be a happy camper.


*Note: I have never experienced a Groundhog Day celebration at AAU, but I’m pumped to see what G.D. brings. Bring it!


2 responses to “Yet another reason my job rocks:

  1. I’ll make a cake in the shape of a groundhog and its shadow made out of fudge.

  2. Can I eat the groundhog’s ear?

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