[Pseudo] Promise!

Yeah, yeah: I know: I haven’t been updating regularly. Why? For a number of reasons, the primary one being Intense Personal Sloth. But also (and not to be overlooked!) because I started a new job recently. Yay for new responsibilities, a different desk, and a growing familiarity with office jargon! Indeed, I’m enjoying my new position, but the past few weeks have been a time o’ transition, and complex cooking projects have…been put to the back burner. (Pun intended. I was alternately considering “have fallen off the plate.”) Yep: I’ve been eating more from the Whole Foods hot/cold bar than I care to admit.

Speaking of which: ZOMG, the new Whole Foods (Haight & Stanyan) is a thing to behold. Hook and I actually went on a date there the other night. Hand in hand, we wandered the aisles, mesmerized by the oh-so-complete selection of International Yogurts and the shelves of gluten-free cosmetics. Oy! Such a yuppie paradise this new store is that it will receive its own post. First, I have to get a handle on my True Deep Feelings for this heavenly grocer new shopping establishment.

But the pseudo-promise! The pseudo-promise (“PP”) is twofold: first, I’d like to get back to my goal of updating at least once weekly. Second, I’d like to spend more time photographing my cooking experiments/fabu meals/the Whole Foods parking lot. I’ve gotten reeeeeeeal lazy with my photoing, and no one likes a blog with shitty pictures. Things would be a lot easier if I had an awesome new DSLR, but, you know, that isn’t going to be a reality anytime soon. In the meantime, I will [try to] avoid defaulting to my iPhone’s camera.

That rabbit? C’est moi. And no, that garbage can is not an empty McDonald’s fry container.


2 responses to “[Pseudo] Promise!

  1. hooray for liking your job!

  2. Agreed! (Even though I sometimes slouch like this rabbit.)

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