Cornbread Addendum

Per my plan to stop watching so damn much TV and spend my evenings doing things*, I whipped up another batch of Bittman’s cornbread last night. Per my goal to become more mindful (of my surroundings, of my current activity, and so on), I did not multitask while preparing the batter. That’s right: I waited to call my sis until after the batter was in the oven and I’d started cleanup. My attentiveness paid off: this loaf was superlative.

Mark Bittman’s recipe calls for butter or olive oil. I used the latter — more specifically, Stonehouse blood orange olive oil that Hook bought at the Ferry Building. My logic maintained that the citrus notes and faint sweetness of the oil would make this killer bread even more lethal; as sometimes happens, my logic was correct. Enjoyed with a pat of butter and a frosty Spaten, my blood orange cornbread made the perfect post-dinner snack/dessert. (Classifications: who needs ’em? One man’s snack is another’s dessert…)

Lesson learned from this baking experience: it pays to include all the ingredients in a recipe, especially butter (or oil).

My next cornbread experiment will be jalapeno and cheese cornbread. After that: pepper cornbread? Vanilla sugar cornbread? March is going to be Cornbread Month: this much I know is true.


*You know: verifiable activities with a beginning/middle/end, and preferably with a tangible end result.


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