Garky is WIN!

Who out there likes contests? (Your hand better be raised, mister!) Good news for any contest lovers out there: there are three upcoming competitions that will put your culinary skillz to the muthafuckin’ test. BAM! These contests are (in order of soonest deadline to most distant deadline):

1) Chow’s Recipe Challenge to make chicken breast exciting. Chicken breast has a bad rap as being “boring.” The rap may be accurate, but I’m a glass-half-full kind of lady. As such, I consider chicken breast a blank slate rather than a protein pariah. The good people at Chow feel the same way. Submit your gussified version of chicken breast and win this swish Cuisinart electric kettle.(Deadline: 3/6/2011)

2) Saveur’s 2011 Home Cook Challenge: Best Pasta Recipe. Months ago, Hook and I discovered how easy it is to make homemade pasta. Despite the simple process, we don’t make our own pasta often enough. Well, here’s our chance — and yours. The winner of Saveur’s challenge gets a $500 gift certificate to Sur La Table. (Deadline: 3/28/2011)

3) Foster Farms Fresh Chicken Cooking Contest. Yeah, I learned about this contest in the Sunday ads: what of it? The grand prize is $10,000. Create a recipe using Foster Farms chicken and other “fresh, local” ingredients for a shot at the cash. (Deadline: 5/31/2011)

Staring contest, anyone?

There’s the scoop. I hope you’re as excited as I am for these Wettbewerben, as the Germans would say*. Finally I have some motivation to prepare chicken dishes other than 1) stir fry; 2) panko-encrusted chicken strips (later slathered with Blazin’ sauce, smuggled into this state from MN); 3) chicken & pasta. Though chicken & pasta would meet the requirements for all the contests, wouldn’t it? JkJkJk!

Happy recipe-creatin’, friends! I’ll keep you posted [in the vaguest possible way**] about what Hook and I come up with for these three competitions = stay tuned.


*Talk of contests always conjures  memories of my high school German teacher, Frau Vickerman, who was unable to hide her irritation at students who used the word “Kontest” [incorrect] instead of “Wettbewerb.”

**Because if I posted the precise recipes here, anyone could take them and enter them and…I mean, not that I think anyone would take my recipes, it’s just…Forget it. I know, and I said forget it.


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