That’s right: it’s Pi Day, and I almost forgot. (Whoops! Thank god for social networking sites; in earlier tymes, my faulty memory would have been a major impairment, but not now!)

My mom and sis are coming to visit this week, so my weekend was filled with prep work — you know, cleaning the bathroom, stocking the fridge with almond milk and cheeses galore, and carting loads of pizza boxes and beer cans down to the dumpster. Sadly, occupied as I was with prep, I forgot about Pi Day. Uhhhhhhh. Not to worry, friends: I’m going to convince Hook to get pie for dinner before we see this show at Cafe du Nord.

Are any of you celebrating Pi Day? If so, what sorts of pies did you bake?


2 responses to “HAPPY PI DAY!

  1. You did not mention our no-bake pie party. I has a sad.

  2. I want to have a no-bake party, but I’m not sure if my errands schedule will allow it 😦 😦 😦

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