Happy Birthday, Sys!

Today, my little sis turns 25 (Happppppppy Birthday, Ali!), which, frankly, makes me feel really old. In celebration of Ali’s big day, my mom and sis are visiting San Fran for a few days; undoubtedly, we will get Hoegaardens and fries at Frjtz, croissants at La Boulange, and burritos at Papalote. If I know the Garky clan as well as I think I do, we’ll probably hit up the Ferry Building for some Ciao Bella, vegan doughnuts, olive oil samples, and oysters*. If we’re especially lucky [read: if we get organized in time], we might even make it to the Ferry Building farmers market, where we can purchase things like fair-trade cheeze corn!

How was that for an inconspicuous segue? Eh? Eh?

(Don’t worry, sys: this awesome infographic is not your only birthday gift.)


*But actually, Hook will be the only one eating oysters. ‘Scool.


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