Obst des Moments

It’s official: coconut is the fruit of the moment. My moment, that is, but that’s what this blog is all about: my eating life, bit by bit.

This trend began with the coconut-enhanced fruit salad recommended by my mom. It continued with the chocolate chia pudding and coconut water (which I’ve grown to love, despite our rocky beginnings). And it continues still with the coconut and pineapple scones I made for our Bay to Breakers brunch.

Like many of my adaptations, this scone recipe bloomed from my desire to finish the last bit of a leftover —  an open can of coconut milk, in this case. I began with Molly Wizenberg’s scone recipe, which I’ve used many times and which I dearly love, and made a few tweaks. Instead of half and half, I used light coconut milk. Instead of crystallized ginger, I added a heaping third-cup of shredded coconut and five dried pineapple rings (cut into tiny cubes). To the dry ingredients, I added a few liberal shakes of powdered ginger; to the egg and coconut milk, I added roughly 1 tsp. of vanilla extract.

The result? A light and flaky scone with a decadent flavor profile. The chunks of dried pineapple add a touch of sweetness and chew, and the coconut milk renders the finished product moister than its half-and-half-based counterpart.

I shouldn’t make a definitive statement — it’s too early for that — but I may like these scones more than the chocolate ginger variety. Try them paired with Crofter’s mango spread and peach-mango pineapple water, and let me know what you think.


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