The Love Continues: More Ways to Use Basil

Happy weekend, Garkyfans! (You are my fans, right? If you’re reading, I hope you hold  me in at least tepid regard.) It’s been a hectic week at the ranch, and my dinner choices reflect my krazy schedule; indeed, I ate egg sandwiches two nights of the week, a Pop Tart and wine another night, and went out another night. You may be wondering whether I’ll have anything at all to write about (aside from which flavor of Pop Tart goes best with a pinot noir, and I’d be happy to expound on that topic). Don’t worry your pretty little heads: of course I do!

Even though this week I was eating like a bachelor(ette), I did some solid cooking last weekend. First up was a from-scratch pizza:

Pretty basic stuff. I used my standby dough recipe (1 c. warm water + 1 pkg. dry yeast + 2.5 c. flour + 2 tbsp. EVOO + 1 tsp. salt) and topped my ‘za with fresh mozzarella, tomato slices, sliced olives, and basil. I used only half the dough I made, reserving the other half for the pizza I’m going to make tonight!, and so the crust was thin in the center, puffy around the edges — a strange combination, but not bad-strange. Just nothing you’d ever get from a pizza store.

Of more interest, perhaps, was this unintentionally low-carb dinner I created from Random Stuff I Had On Hand:

(The photo is abysmal, I know, but this was really truly the best of the Instagram options. And even though it’s bad, I kind of like it — looks like an early 20th-century hand-tinted print, amirite?)

The nature of the dish isn’t revealed by the photo — this I realize — so I’ll provide a description. The above entrée contained a breast of chicken, cleaned and trimmed, topped with four (4) cloves of garlic, a scattering of diced green onions, a fat wedge of mozzarella, various spices (black pepper, parsley, oregano), and basil leaves.

The result? Not bad. It would have been excellent with less garlic. As much as I love garlic, the amount I used overwhelmed this dish. Live and learn, eh?

The good news is that my basil plant is thriving and my goal, these coming weeks, is to generate new uses for the herb. Suggestions, as always, are welcome!


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