Morning Treat

This morning, my boss brought in homemade Lavender Honey Shortbread (pictured above with a Post-It Notepad). Nothing dispels the Monday blues like fresh-baked goodies, that is for sure.

Though I’m not a fan of lavender in personal care/grooming products — its herby odor just doesn’t mesh with my Personal Scent Profile — I love it in consumables. My first taste of lavender shortbread was at Apollo Coffee. At the time, I was working at the Charter School; the fourth-grade class took a field trip to the coffee shop to (what else?) learn how to conduct themselves appropriately in public. Each kid got a mug of hot cocoa — moltenly rich and sludgy at the bottom — and a square of lavender shortbread. I skipped the cocoa, but nabbed a shortbread. Perfectly square, crisp, and speckled with large-grain salt, it nailed the salty-sweet balance with precision I’ve since witnessed only rarely.

Months later, I received a tin of lavender shortbread cookies for Christmas. Heart-shaped, these tiny cookies were softer, almost with the texture of compressed sand. I kept the tin in the freezer for True Cookie Emergencies; the stash lasted me through the spring, when the rain subsided and the park filled with dog-walkers and lanky teens in canvas shoes, and my baked-goods hankerings tended toward lighter, fruitier offerings.

This morning’s shortbread was a beautiful specimen. My boss claimed that the shortbread was “a little under baked, but still edible,” but such a claim was just modesty. The chewier texture, coupled with the cookies’ larger-than-standard thickness, rendered these shortbreads more like bars*. Made with all organic ingredients, the cookies feature lavender honey and culinary lavender, and are topped with a lavender sea salt. Really, my review could be reduced to a single word: divine.


*If you’re from the Midwest, you know what I’m talking about. If not, consult with your nearest Minnesotan.


2 responses to “Morning Treat

  1. Is this a CC concoction??

  2. This was an ML concoction! CC last brought in four varieties of chocolate chip cookies (one type had pepper).

    I think it’s my turn to bring baked goods 🙂 But what to bring?

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