One Year Old!

Happy birthday to Garky Eats! It was one year ago today that I made public my first post on this blog, formalizing my ramblings about my dining out, cooking experiments, and gastro nostalgia. It’s an indicator of my age to say this, I know, but damn, did that past year seem to go quickly: I barely blinked and it was gone. Oy! All downhill from here, I gather.

Because I’m totally one to dwell on the past, I’ve whipped up this list of my favorite posts from the last year. In case you’re wondering how I selected these posts, well, there’s no easy answer. Some are favorites for personal reasons — I was having an inexplicably good day, or I liked the quality of light in the living room, or a certain breakfast inspired nostalgia even deeper than that expressed in my writing. Some recount the best meals of the year. And some are wild cards, representations of the fickleness of preference & choice. He-yo!

Garky’s Best: 2010 Edition

That’s enough light reading to last you the afternoon, isn’t it? (Don’t answer that.)

If you’re willing, able, and in possession of champagne, raise a glass to Garky Eats! I’ll be doing the selfsame thing in T-6 hours. Cheers!


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