First Meals + International Bacon Day at OtG

It’s amazing what 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep will do for you: I feel ALIVE!

Yesterday, I shared with y’all my last meal in the Sunset; now, you’ll have the pleasure of reading about my first meal in the Mission.* Hint: it involves bacon.

After spending hours unpacking, then wandering to the grocery store, then taking a lovely, furtive nap, I biked with Alex to Off the Grid (McCoppin) to get breakfast for dinner. BfD is a recurring theme in my kitchen; omelets, with their heft and savory ingredients, are equally well suited to morning and evening meals, and toast is perfect at any old time of day.You know me: I totally researched menu options ahead of time so I wouldn’t make an ill-informed BACON decision. Bacon Bacon’s Bacon Bouquet — in effect, a fistful of bacon tied up like its floral namesake — was cute, but I didn’t want cute for dinner. ArKi’s fried chicken looked/smelled/tasted delicious, but I wasn’t in a fried chicken mood. (Note: I did try a patch of batter from Alex’s chicken: total deep-fried goodness. Couldn’t have handled more than a bite.)

True to form, I chose the Brunch Box’s B.E.A.T: a fried egg with heirloom tomato rounds, bacon, macerated shallots, garlic aioli, and avocado. The bacon/fried egg sandwich wins any mealtime showdown; bonus points are awarded for creative add-ons (in this case, the shallots, which added a necessary sharpness of flavor). The B.E.A.T was pretty damn tasty, though I’d have subbed the arugula for the avocado. Nevermind that avocado isn’t my fave veggie — arugula would have added beneficial pepperiness. But that’s just my preference. Cholula was available and I declined to use it, so I can’t kvetch about a lack of sandwich spice.

Related: the Brunch Box ladies know how to perfectly fry an egg. Solid whites, just-barely-runny yolk, no brown spots. You done good, BBs.

Unrelated: Biking. I’m so stoked to bike everywhere: you have no idea.


*No, that ginormo cinnamon roll I had for “lunch” doesn’t count as a meal.


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