I haven’t been sick in a looooong time — oh hai, megadoses of B12! — but yesterday I succumbed to the first [last?] cold of the season. Why now? Two reasons:

  1. Lyfe has been insane the past two weeks, and I haven’t been getting enough sleep/eating the most nutritive foods/relaxing to the degree that I’d like. This past fortnight has dished up landlord harassment, a crosstown move, Eater work, work work…Something had to give, and that something was my immune system.
  2. OH! People at my office have the feeblest hygiene/personal-care habits ever. Think I’m kidding? No. People sneeze (violently) without covering their mouths, cough (violently) without covering their mouths, and touch door handles/other surfaces without having washed their hands. (Which, OK, since they didn’t cough into their hands, I guess that’s a moot point…) I know I risk looking like a google-eyed germophobe, but I’m not. I totally follow the 5-second rule, and I don’t shower every day, and I’ll drink from the same water glass three or four times before washing it. The amount and intensity of illness behavior in my workplace is just…wow.

Despite my self-avowed bitchery, I love a good silver lining. The silver lining of my daylong cold? Vital Vittles Raisin Bread. After last night’s haircut of joy, I jaunted up to Rainbow for some staples.* But the strangest thing happened as soon as I set foot in the store: I could only think of raisin bread. It’s been years since I’ve had RB, but this craving was too great to be denied.

For a brief, terrible moment, I stood before the cooler case, holding a chilled, gluten-free loaf, something like rice flour with walnuts, raisins, and organic cinnamon. For a terrible moment, that loaf sat in my basket. And then I came to my senses: GLUTEN-FREE BREAD? WTF? I’m going to eat all the gluten in the world, bitches!

Close call. Fortunately, I made it through the express lane with VV’s take on raisin bread, and good god, is it delicious. Texture: dense, with a dry crumb. Has the heft of banana bread (or other sweet breads). Makes other slices seem as substantial as packing peanuts. Taste: Nutty and not very sweet. Not sweet at all, actually, save for the raisins. Initially disappointed by the lack of cinnamon, I came to appreciate the contrast the raisins provided against the unsweetened bread.

I could wax poetic about bread all day, but I’ve got dinner plans. Dinner! In a restaurant! Where I won’t be eating bread! Stay well, all of you, and take an extra dose of vitamins.


*Not gonna tell you what I actually got because you’d throw eggs at me through the Internet.


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