Internet Roundup

In recent days (by which I mean the past three days) I haven’t cooked anything top-notch. This isn’t to say I didn’t eat anything top-notch: on the contrary! Saturday night, we discovered Henry’s Hunan, which is freaking amazing and reasonably priced (think Midwest prices); I’m going to dedicate a full post to it after I make a return visit. Sunday night, I had a slice of walnut pie for dinner and a Parisian Blonde for dessert, exceeding my daily heavy-cream intake.

I’m planning to potluck this Wednesday, so I should have a cooking update for you soon — never fear! In the meantime, peep these articles:

Yesterday, Jane Brody (briefly) examined the underlying causes of the obesity epidemic. None of the information is shocking, or even particularly new. What I found interesting was Brody’s recollection of what she used to eat when she was a kid in the 1950s.

This infographic from The Hunch breaks down food preferences by political party. It’s fascinating (if not surprising). FYI: I am liberal and I LOVE bacon cheeseburgers; I’m in the minority.

Speaking of politically influenced food choices, which demographic will be most likely to consume the Doritos Taco?

Finally, in real-food news, tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of the UN Plaza Farmers Market! Grab some kettle corn, listen to the bands, and get your face painted (maybe?) — I’d so be there if I weren’t working. Sigh.


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