New Salad Trend: My Lunches Are Somewhat Less Hideously Monotonous!

I’m a critter of habit w/r/t food: I’ll have the same thing for breakfast or lunch until the mere thought of that food makes me queasy, at which point I’ll adopt a new frontrunner.*

For lunch, I eat one of several things: a sandwich and a side, or a salad with some bread. My go-to salad for the past, oh, year or two has included spinach + beans + feta + craisins. Sometimes, if I have them, I’ll toss in some nuts. Once in a while, I’ll use dressing. Fairly boring, I admit, but it’s nutritious, quick to assemble, and not likely to fall apart during my commute.

This week brought about a salad sea change. My salad of the moment includes:

  • Arugula
  • Apricot Stilton
  • Craisins (always craisins!)
  • Chickpeas
  • And a modest splash of champagne vinaigrette

I’ve been digging arugula for some time but always thought it too bitter for a salad base. Guess what? When you add a bunch of sugared, dried fruit and some fruity cheese, the bitterness is mitigated! If you’re hankering for a new lunch option, give this salad a whirl: you’ll like it. If nothing else, try Trader Joe’s Apricot Stilton: oooooh, baby, is that stuff good.


*I’ve had homemade muesli for breakfast nearly every day for the last six months. Last weekend, I got sick of it and switched up my brekkie fare: Honey Bunches of Oats (Peach style) on Saturday and Boat Brunch on Sunday. Come Monday morning, I craved muesli once again.


6 responses to “New Salad Trend: My Lunches Are Somewhat Less Hideously Monotonous!

  1. Dude. I likes. My fancy fiancé introduced me to Craisins this year. He makes us a mixed greens salad with fresh (warm!) croutons, yummy chev, and pomegranate Craisins. Toss it with raspberry vinaigrette and get ready to forget all else.

    I am so obsessed with those damn Craisins! I find it ridiculously crazy that in my twenty-seventh year I learned I love cranberries in something other than vodka.

  2. I hear ya — I didn’t start eating Craisins until last year, and now I include them in pretty much everything. OK, I add them to muesli and salads, but that’s mostly everything 🙂

    Have you tried cherry-flavored Craisins? SO GOOD. They’re pretty sweet, but they also rock in salads!

  3. Pomegranate? I haven’t tried those yet, but they’re on my list!

  4. My favorite thing to do to arugula is this parmesean-lemony dressing. I have done it with the potato and egg, but it’s equally tart and fantastic without either. I love running toward the tart-bitter of the arugula and then circumventing it with the nutty parm.

  5. Oooh: thanks for the tip — I just bought (yet another) bag of arugula — I can’t wait to try this recipe!

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