Breakfast Heaven: From-Scratch Waffles + Odwalla Mimosas

Our weekend was blessedly low-key. Friday, we had dinner at Henry’s Hunan, my current favorite Chinese restaurant in the city, followed by dessert cones at Mitchell’s. Walked leisurely home, stopped by Safeway for brunch provisions, and spent the next few hours watching trash TV. Have you seen Animal Planet’s Infestation? No? If you have a spare moment (or hour),watch an episode online. YOU WILL NEVER AGAIN THINK THE SAME WAY ABOUT MICE. Whatever you currently think about mice, your feelings will never be the same.Saturday’s brunch was killer. I’d been craving waffles for all of human history and asked Alex to bring his waffle iron over so I could make a batch from scratch. My internet was down all weekend, and so, rather than browsing Epicurious or Chow for a recipe, I referenced my handy Joy of Cooking. (Note: I was in some ways glad for the inadvertent digital sabbath — it had been ages since I’d browsed Joy, and I’d [almost] forgotten how much pleasanter recipe searching is when one refers to a book rather than the Intertron.)My recipe of choice? Joy’s basic waffles with 8 tbsp. butter. The cookbook provides a low-fat waffle recipe (with only half a stick of butter) and an extra-decadent recipe (with two sticks of butter). One stick of butter seemed like the most reasonable choice. We topped our waffles with maple syrup, Nutella, butter, and raspberries, and ate them alongside crispy bacon. I dug out my old percolating coffee pot and made stove coffee — a rare treat, procedurally and w/r/t taste. We also had mimosas made with Odwalla OJ, a detail that charmed my inner Bobo.

We ate with the windows open, the iPod on, and the Saturday Times shared between us. A wholly satisfying breakfast: leisurely, wholesome, not too decadent. Added bonus: I froze the leftovers, so I can have waffles on demand this week. Not sure how this will play out in practice, but in theory, it is a beautiful thing.


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