Hidy-ho, reader! As you’ll guess from this post’s title, last night’s dinner was not an affair to remember.* My approach — the same approach I’ve used so often of late — was to use the farmers market veggies that were slowly wilting. In the mix, I had a beautiful bunch of dinosaur kale and some knobby carrots, along with a Portobello mushroom cap and a slab of tempeh. For additional flavor, I added Trader Joe’s green curry sauce (impulse buy) and some coconut milk I had kickin’ around in the fridge. I served this slurry over whole-wheat udon. What was the problem?

Jeez: what was the problem? Alone, each ingredient is something I love. Together, the components faltered, failing to complement each other in any meaningful way. The mushrooms would have been better had I not sautéed them with coconut milk — they got watery, which, YUCK. My on-the-fenceness about the jarred green curry didn’t help matters. As it was, I slugged down this dinner, grateful that I don’t have too too many leftovers.

One small redemption: the carrots were amazing. Yes, even doused in watery mushroom-coconut-curry sauce, those babies were sweet and tender. Organic carrots 4 lyfe!

What have I learned from this Unfortunate Dinner Episode? One: Use farmers market veggies right away to avoid making a huge, jumbled dish for the sake of using said veg before they spoil. Two: Don’t use TJ’s green curry simmer sauce. Three: Give more thought to the cooking of Portobello mushrooms. Four: Maybe just eat bacon, instead.


* Or maybe it was, in that I’ll remember not to make this dish again. SNAP!


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