Respect the Bird!

I haven’t properly expressed it of late, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.* Were you to ask me why I haven’t yet described (in bone-chilling detail) our projected T-day menu, bird-brining strategy, &c, I’d give you the honest answer: I have not done my Thanksgiving planning yet.

Not that there’s a ton to plan. I mean, there is, but the dishes I’m making are ones I’ve made before, old reliables that have earned their place in the Garky Book of Recipes. I have a rough idea of the groceries I’ll get this weekend, and I’ll set aside time Sunday night to make my pie crust. Buuuuuuut, that’s about all the planning I’ve done. SO SUE ME.

This is all an elaborate lead-in to my praise of a movement called Respect the Bird, which honors T-Give’s “place as a meaningful, respected American holiday, not one that’s merely a one-day delicious afterthought between Halloween and Christmas.” That’s right: RtB is calling for the restoration of the holiday’s honor & glory!

RESPEK: this is a bird from two Thanksgivings ago, and it was delicious.

Full disclosure: I am not a way-out-there anti-consumer, though I have participated in Buy Nothing days past. I’ve got no beef with Halloween or Xmas. I am, however, annoyed at retailers’ premature Xmas hype, which began in these parts around Halloween. You read that correctly: late October. Jump the gun much? Such focus on Christmas and other winter holidays overshadows Thanksgiving, that day when we can eat ourselves silly, drink champagne in abundance, and light things on fire, if that is our way. Borrowing Berman’s phrase, no holiday deserves to be called what’s-his-face.

Yes, that's right: this is a BUTTER TURKEY.

Should you take the Respect the Bird pledge, you’ll agree to postpone holiday shopping until after Thanksgiving. Easy, yes? I “signed” the pledge by clicking on a button, and you can, too. (No pressure.)

Instead of ending with a soapboxy call-to-action, I’ll just end. Thanksgiving rocks, and you know it. Pass the gravy.


* Or rather, it’s tied with Xmas as my favorite holiday. Don’t get me wrong: I love Christmas — I get to see my family, I get to buy weirdo gifts for my peeps, and I can gorge on cookies with impunity! I guess cookie-gorging-impunity exists year round, but it’s especially acute at Xmastime, when everyone is passing around a tin of Royal Dansks…


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