Two First Names and an Ampersand

Over at Eat the Damn Cake, Kate shared her list of unconventional things for which she is thankful. Her word is “weird,” and I get her gist, though I must say that there is nothing weird about giving thanks for cheese. Cheese may be The Earth’s Perfect Food. Who would not give thanks for that?

K’s list of Weird Thankful Items got me to thinking about the out-of-the-way things for which I am thankful. I’ll preface by saying that, Hell yeah, I am thankful for my family and friends — you all are badasses! It was a tumultuous year in Garkytown. Not a bad year — to even claim that would be reductive and dumb — but I had plenty of ups and downs. I got a tattoo on Valentine’s Day, got out of a long relationship. Moved twice. Have started coming around to seafood. Things of this sort. Many diamonds in the haystack or whatever, silver linings in the cutlery caddy, but I wouldn’t have made it through this year intact without help from my fam & friends.

Here is my list of the small things for which I give thanks:

1. I am thankful for bike commuting. While I was living in the Sunset (i.e., not the city), I relied solely on MUNI for my commute. The Sunset Era was a dark period, and my two-to-three-hour commute didn’t help. I read a lot on the train because reading was the only way to stay sane. I now live close enough to my office that I can bike there in 25 minutes. Bonus: my return trip helps me gear down from work, making me less of a crabapple upon arrival at mein haus.

2. I am thankful that I floss. For years, I eschewed flossing. Why? I don’t know; the stubbornness may have its root in my decades-old resistance to authority. But a year ago, maybe, I started flossing daily. Twice daily, even. This small act makes me feel like an adult, which I am. I’m happy to think that I may be preventing cardiovascular catastrophe! I’m happy too to think that I’m slowing dental decay, which, as we know, is just another metaphor for mortality.

3. I am thankful for homemade muesli. Remember when I made my first batch of muesli? I’ve had muesli for breakfast ever since.* I love this cereal’s density, ingredient variety, and comfort factor. I love its subtle flavor and that it includes chocolate. A batch lasts me two weeks, preventing the need for late-night cereal runs. So many good things!

4. I am thankful for these jeans. These jeans I’m wearing right now. You can’t see me, but if you’ve seen me in the past year, I was probably wearing these pants. They are dark-rinse skinny jeans from the Gap, and they fit like a skin. Not all good jeans have to be expensive! Or maybe my butt is built for the Gap.

Admission: I’m going to get a bit traditional here: I’m the most thankful for Alex, who makes every day a bit sunnier.

I hope you all are having an excellent Thanksgiving — be sure to get a second helping of stuffing, for it only comes once a year.


*Not every single day, but most days — 8/10, at least. 80% is a passing score.


2 responses to “Two First Names and an Ampersand

  1. Love this! You’ve got a lot of good things on here 🙂

  2. Awww: Thanks, sis! 🙂

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