This is a Thank You:

Ali is the best sister a person could ask for. If you need further proof, consider this anecdote:

A week or two ago, a package arrived for me, from sis. This package contained 22 individually wrapped gifts — one for each day in December leading up to the day I fly home for Xmas. Ali and I are both terrible at keeping secrets and not spilling the beans re: surprises — those of you who know us know this — and sis urged me to open the first present early.

So I did. It was an adorable mini Xmas tree! The next day’s present was a star topper for that tree, and the third day’s present was a set of German chocolate ornaments. The tree (decorated) is perched at the corner of my desk, waiting for its holiday.

Longish anecdote shorter, today’s present was a box of gingerbread pancake/waffle mix, pictured above. I tend to make my pancakes from scratch, but I’m hella stoked to use this mix: because it came from Minnesota, from Target, from my totally thoughtful sis.

Ali, I’m going to make pancakes this weekend and slather them with butter AND maple syrup (AT THE SAME TIME!!!). I’ll totally eat seconds. If possible, I will watch “Captain Planet” and “Rocco’s Modern Life,” and I will visualize myself at a Target, checking out the cosmetics section with you.

Fact: The best foods are those shared with loved ones, or given to/received from.


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