Sweet Potato Walnut Bread with Chocolate Chips

It’s been a slow cooking week in the Garkyverse. Lunches were salad, salad, salad, Trader Joe’s salad, and an egg sandwich. Dinners were spaghetti, Thai, sushi, Minestrone, and TBD. In short: I ate a lot of things that required minimal preparation or were already prepared (see also: homemade pasta sauce, Minestrone). Thanksgiving + the attendant cooking will do that to you.

Last night I got the baking itch. Said itch was precipitated by Chow’s recipe-of-the-day email, which featured Pecan and Sweet Potato Bread. My craving for dessert breads is always present, but this bread seemed especially lovely. Pumpkin and zucchini breads are pretty rad, but sweet potato bread? Its estimated radness exceeds that of all other loaf desserts.

I tested the recipe this evening, making, as always, a few modifications. First off, I used a red-skinned yam instead of a sweet potato. No, I wasn’t trying to be surly; Safeway’s sweet potatoes looked like they’d seen better days, so I opted for the closest alternative.

I also added a spice (ground ginger: 1/2 tsp.) and miniature chocolate chips (1/2 bag). Finally, I substituted walnuts for pecans. Aside from these modifications, I followed the directions exactly. (You can find the recipe here.)What’s the verdict? WIN. This bread is totally badass; lightly crisp on the bottom and gooey in the center, it has a texture similar to a brownie. (Unlike a brownie, however, it’s not too sweet — you won’t feel overwhelmed if you cut yourself a second slice.) I enjoyed mine with butter, but I hear it’s quite tasty in its unadorned state.

It is decided: Sweet Potato Walnut Bread, you are my new go-to dessert.


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