Christmas Picnic

I know it’s not Christmas yet, but we’re in the right month. Besides, I like the sound of Christmas Picnic. It is a phrase that asks to be repeated.If you’re not from here (or around here), you may want to stop reading now. I warn you only because you might become jealous: of this glorious weather, of the park, of the olives and cheese we destroyed. Mostly the weather: mid 60s, sunny, and breezy. I wore a striped 3/4-sleeve shirt and a knitted cowl + sunglasses. Later, a jacket, but that was only much later, after we’d been sitting out for a few hours and the sun began to set.Quarter to noon, we met for a picnic: crusty bread, salami (Genoa: Applegate Farms), olives, red grapes. Some old favorites, too, in the form of Darrel Lea’s Soft Snacking Liquorice and Triscuit (pronounced with an over-the-top French accent). Beer and champagne, but not mixed together. Jasper molded the licorice into a pony, which looked more like a Dachshund than a pony, but was a quadruped nonetheless. We watched tiny dogs comingle with large dogs; we witnessed small children contemplating hill descent.In three weeks, I’ll be back in MN, where I’ll bundle to the nines. I’m glad that, pre-departure, I can enjoy this weather (balmy, placid), nibbly treats, and friendship. Cheers to low-key picnics.


7 responses to “Christmas Picnic

  1. I love that Lisa makes a cameo in photo #2.

  2. Lisa was an integral part of the day’s proceedings(!)

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Was it our spicy or regular salami?

  4. It was the regular variety — and it was delicious! (The three of us polished off the package in a relatively short time :).)

  5. Oh my that was actually Alex commenting but Garky forgot to log-out of my laptop 🙂 Anyway. DOUBLE YUMMM

  6. !!!(!) Oops! To be fair, that hashtag is totally something I would type — props for adopting mein Stil, AR 🙂

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