The Yule Saga Continues (or Cake Fight 2011: BRING IT!)

This morning, an anonymous tipster* alerted me that Williams-Sonoma is selling a Buche de Noel for the low cost of $85! The cake is, in the website’s words, made with “only the finest ingredients, including premium European chocolate” and “enrobed in chocolate truffle buttercream ‘bark.'” I’m glad they put bark in quotation marks — otherwise, I might have thought they were using the real thing.

[Photo source: Williams-Sonoma]

Admittedly, that is one fine-looking cake. The meringue mushrooms are totes adorable; I imagine they’d be quite divine with a glass of champagne, yes? (Don’t quibble with me, here.) Still, 85 bones for a cake?

W-S claims their cake will serve up to 14 diners; if you actually serve that many, each serving comes out to about $6 — slightly less than you’d pay at a restaurant, but only slightly. My gut/wallet tell me I’d be better off making my own.

Which is precisely what I’m going to do. When, I’m not sure — I’m hemorrhaging time like nobody’s bizness — but I’ve got the Yule bug & I’ve got it bad. Still, there’s nothing I like more than a challenge. New plan: I’m going to kick the ass of Williams-Sonoma’s yule log and document the process right here. CAKE FIGHT 2011: bring it on.


*By which I mean “my sister.”


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