Dirt Bomb!

Yesterday was a day that will live in infamy. L-Lo skipped her appearance on the Ellen show, some stuff happened in Washington, and Nathan and I finally tried the Dirt Bomb.

Backtrack: every morning between 10:00 and 10:05, Nathan and I get flavored coffee at Biscoff. (Only the best for us.) Every day, we eye the pastry case, noting what looks good and what looks day-old. In recent weeks, we’ve focused our attention on the Dirt Bomb, a softball-sized confection coated in cinnamon sugar. Seriously, this thing is the size of a small melon, and you know how I feel about eating foods the size of my face.

“What is it?” I’d ask, to which Nathan would reply simply, “DIRT BOMB.”

A Dirt Bomb alongside some cardamom pods.


Months of curiosity produced an awesome amount of anticipation (which, in turn, could have precipitated a major letdown). I’m pleased to report that the Dirt Bomb was even tastier than I could have anticipated.

Moist and fine-crumbed, the Bomb has a pale pale yellow interior and a crusty coat of cinnamon sugar. Similar in shape to a [giant] muffin, it has the texture of a muffin-doughnut hybrid: you know, slightly crumbly, moist, but not hella greasy. In short, it has the best attributes of both items.

I spent much of the rest of the day thinking of the Dirt Bomb — I can’t believe I’d never heard of it before. Have YOU, dear reader, heard of such a treat? Quick internet research revealed that this dessert is, in fact, a thing. People make them at home. The Bombs do not, as I previously guessed, contain sour cream. They do, however, contain cardamom, to which I attribute the Bomb’s tastiness. (I knew it owed its depth of flavor to more than just cinnamon.)


One thing remains unclear to me, and that is the Dirt Bomb’s name: why is it so negative? It doesn’t look especially dirty, nor is it bomblike (aside from being a total gutbomb). I’ll continue my Intertron research to see what I can dig up, but I have a feeling that no good explanation exists.

In the meantime, DIRT BOMBS. Try one if you like cinnamon, sugar, and lots of butter. Try one if you like foods with funny names. Lastly, try one to sate your soon-to-burgeon curiosity about this food. That is all.


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