Our Anniversary

We celebrated our six-month anniversary on Saturday. The day was beautifully leisurely: we woke late, then went to Atlas for breakfast and reading. (Really, the meal classified as brunch, but it seemed more like breakfast to me — blame the lack of mimosas?)

Atlas is fast becoming my new favorite breakfast spot. Sparely furnished and unassuming, the cafe doesn’t seem like it would be any better than dozens of other such places, but its bagels have the edge. San Francisco isn’t known for its bagels, sadly, but Atlas delivers in one’s moment of carbohydrate need. Next time I’m there, I’ll ask where they source those bad boys.

Pictured above is my bagel: everything variety, topped with cream cheese and tomato slices. Winter tomatoes aren’t the best, but sprinkled with a bit of salt, this one hit the spot.

We also got fruit, which mistakenly came with yogurt, which Alex most deliberately drizzled with honey. I loved the pattern the honey formed — not as much as the taste, but the swirls & loops are nonetheless lovely. I ate individual fruits — melon cubes and grapes and quartered strawberries — dunked in the yogurt, and for a moment I flashed back to Tulum, those late, long breakfasts in the Palapa, the ornately arranged fruit over which I’d pour the runny yogurt. The yogurt always came in a squat, white pitcher, just the size of a pepper shaker. I’d like one such pitcher.

[Image Source]

We had planned to get a nice meal for dinner, but the day previous a fierce Henry’s craving struck, and so we went there instead. I don’t mean to say that Henry’s isn’t nice — the food is consistently awesome, and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a dining room with such Gemuetlichkeit. Rather, I meant to say that we’d planned on a fancy dinner, something that would have required us to wear our better pants and affect more formal modes of speech. Alex put it best: “An anniversary is a celebration,” he said, “and some celebrations call for mu shu pork and deep-fried shredded pork.” Well said, sir: well said.


It’s true that entries have been few and far-between, and I blame myself, but also I blame the Holiday Season, time zapper that it is. I can also attribute my lack of updates to increased work for Eater. Fear not: Garky Eats isn’t going anywhere. It may experience a few days of stagnation here and there, prior to the start of the new year, but absence makes the heart (but not SEO) grow fonder.


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