Resolutions: Revised

Heyyyyyyyyy-o! A low-key day over here: had my weekly acupuncture, got lunch & hit the butcher shop with Alex, and did Piles of Laundry in preparation for the weekend. I have to say, I’m pret-ty excited for NYE and New Year’s Day dinners. For the former, we’re planning a mixed grill; for the latter, a leg of lamb. Tortilla might make an appearance, as might sweet potato walnut bread.* Yumyumyumyumyum! No better way to ring in the new year than with a three-day feast, yes?

This was one of the better feast images I found, so I'm going with it.

[Image Source]

Speaking of New Year’s: Resolutions: Have you got ’em? I didn’t, but then as I scanned my google reader and noticed that EVERY story is about the new year, I thought, “What the hell? Might as well make a few, myself.”

Mind you, I won’t resolve anything traditional: oh, noooooo. I won’t vow to banish bra fat, work out six days a week, volunteer with orphans, or any of that. Rather, I’ll set a few food resolutions to expand my cooking and baking repertoires and train some of the fussiness from my palate. In no particular order, these resolutions are:

1) Use More Smoked Paprika

[Image Source]

Whilst back in Minnesota, I picked up a tin of smoked paprika; I have yet to bust into it. My plan for the coming year is to collect recipes using this spice and sequentially test those recipes. My secret goal is to use enough smoked paprika to start a collection of the beautiful tins it’s packaged in. Heh.

2. Continue Seafood Appreciation Project

[Image Source]

All things considered, this year’s Seafood Appreciation Initiative went well, but I’ve got much work yet to do. Case in point: I may have balked when I learned that my udon (at Katana Ya) would be served in fish broth. Another case in point: I may have reacted squeamishly at today’s lunch when Alex noted that most of our dishes contained fish products.

To be clear: I want to like seafood. Indeed, I’m now a willing consumer of most mild fishes. Shellfish is another matter — I avoid that shit like the plague. I’d like to change, though, and the first step in changing is acknowledging the desire to do so, RIGHT?

3. Eat Better Candy

[Image Source]

Few people consider me a garbage disposal (I think?), but I remain woefully uncritical when it comes to candy. M&Ms, gas-station gummy worms, kind of stale Tootsie Pops — if it’s candy, I eat it. Sad but true — I’ve had a raging sweet tooth since I was a wee one. I’m not going to get rid of my sweet tooth (which, frankly, is a preposterous suggestion), but I’m going to clean it up, refine it — in a word, boboify it. Will Kate quell her insatiable honger for peanut M&Ms? That will be 2012’s great question.

There you have it: my food resolutions for the coming year. If I think of more, I’ll add them to this post, but three seems a reasonable number to start with. Wouldn’t want to overwhelm myself during the first two weeks of the year and forever abandon smoked paprika, would I?


*If I can get my ass to the grocery store and bake a loaf, that is.


7 responses to “Resolutions: Revised

  1. Nice rezos! I think my resolution will be to finally make all the recipes I’ve been pinning and emailing to myself over the last few years. Then add the recipes I like to my cute, but underutilized, tin and junk the ones That tricked me with good photography.

    It’s a two-parter.

  2. Oooooh: yes: that’s one of my ongoing resolutions — I actually sorted through a big pile o’ recipes last month and saved only the ones I thought I *might* try. Indeed, I prepared one of them (butternut-bacon linguine). One of my unstated resolutions is to sort through the back issues of Bon Appetit/Eating Well and toss the ones that don’t interest me…

    But, it’s not 2012 YET: I’ve got a few days before I have to start on this project 😉

  3. smoked paprika is the BOMB! you can seriously dash some on top of everything, except maybe ice cream.

    my 2012 resolutions: be more conscious of my limitz, pay off half my credit card debt, and, of course, get married (lol?).

    • First on my to-make list: SMOKED PAPRIKA ICE CREAM! (JK!) I’m glad to hear that this spice is ueber-versatile — thanks for the tip, friend! I’ve got some non-food resolutions, myself (most of them involving Saving More Money), but because they weren’t TOPICAL I couldn’t discuss them here. LOL?

  4. Did you know that the woman kissing that salmon is related to Sarah Palin? I read about it in Nat Geo! Anywho, Happy New Year and paprika away! 🙂

    • OH NO: I did NOT know that. Maybe I should find a new picture, eh? But that was probably the best pic of a woman kissing a fish! What to do? 😦

      Happy New Year to you too, sys!

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