Some Reading for your Wednesday Morning

Ahoy there, and happy first Wednesday of the year! Over in my corner of the Bay Area, it’s So Far, So Good: no major news or drama to report. I do, however, have two articles to share. If you haven’t already taken your coffee break, pour yourself a cup, open a new tab, and kick back.

The first article is a shortie — more of a listicle, to be fair. Behold The Food Channel’s 10 Food Trends for 2012! Some of these seem fairly obvious (inconspicuous consumption, for example, which has been written about quite a bit, especially w/r/t retail), but others surprised me. Peruvian food is the new cuisine of choice? Right on! I’m similarly stoked about the predicted rise of Social Cooking, though potlucks and other food-centric events are already a mainstay in my lyfe.

[Image Source]

The second piece, published by New Scientist, discusses mathematicians’, engineers’, and psychologists’ approaches to the salad bar. More specifically, the article discusses how game theory can be applied to a tapas-style dining situation; how one can use basic engineering principles to build feet-high piles o’ food; and how one’s BMI and dining company can affect one’s choices at the buffet table. I’ve read some of Wansink’s research before, so that section of the article wasn’t my fave, but I was intrigued by the thought of strategizing to get my most-favored foods at a group dining experience. Now, to get myself to a buffet to test the mathematicians’ strategies…


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