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T[ravel] Day!

Once again, I’m up an hour before my alarm is set to go off — but I don’t mind. Why, you ask? Because I’m going back to Minnesota for Christmas! I haven’t been back to my home state* since Chrimbus last, and I’m stoked to spend time with the fam, get my yearly fill of snow, and set forth on as many culinary adventures as can be crammed into 4.5 days.

Backyard seen from the kitchen window (taken last Christmas).

And you know there will be culinary adventures. Off the bat, Ali and I have planned to hit up Gardens of Salonica, Uncle Franky’s, and Cecils. Sis has suggested a few cooking projects — baked wontons, vegan gingerbread cookies — and I may spend a few hours in the kitchen whipping up a pizza for the troops. (Note: Am obsessed lately with homemade pizza, in large part due to the extreme thickness and breadiness of the crust. SO GOOD.) And those are just the things we’ve planned(!) Stay tuned. The posts may be a bit slow in coming, it being the holidays, but they’re coming nonetheless. In the meantime, safe travels to those of you traveling, happy Thursday to those of you staying put, and merry pre-Chrimbus to you all!


*Minnesota is not my true state of origin — Illinois is. But, since I spent most of mein Kindheit in MN, I refer to it as my [sort-of] homeland.