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In the News: Weekly Roundup.

This week, Mark Bittman photographed eager St. Louisans (St. Louisites? Hook, help me out here!) at a signing for the Food Matters Cookbook. They are all so happy! And they got five minutes of internet fame! The New York Times published a classic scone recipe very similar to the one I just tried (and retried, and tried again), with the addition of a tablespoon of butter and the subtraction of any frills. Perhaps I’ll give this more biscuitlike scone a go? Saveur tells us that Loofah — the progenitor of those annoying synthetic bath sponges — can be cooked. I’ll have mine with a side of Kiehl’s. In other health-food news, the USDA will be funding a study to determine how principles of behavioral economics can be used to influence kids’ lunch line choices; the study’s eventual goal is, obv, reducing childhood obesity. (Note: here’s a hint: offer healthy foods in school cafeterias!) On a related note — related to cafeteria-quality foods, that is — national chain Domino’s just introduced a six-cheese pie, the “Wisconsin 6-Cheese Pizza.” Some, but not all, of the cheeses come from the namesake state.

This loofah looks more appetizing than some others I've seen.

In local news, the mystery of the Weird Taco Fish Bike is unraveled! Eater posted some very attractive photos of the soon-to-open 25 Lusk, and M. Bauer found Alfred’s better than Morton’s. The Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival, set for this Saturday and Sunday, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year; if you’re free, head out and enjoy the pumpkiny goodness (and try to avoid the yawling of overtired children). Me? I’ll likely be heading to this bake sale/street food party fundraiser, instead. Not only does it support a great cause, but there will be street food. Weekend, you cannot come soon enough!



Seen/Heard: Two-Wheeled Taco Truck


Photo taken at the Castro Street Fair, 10/3/10.


Hypothetically two-wheeled, at least. This vendor combines three of my favorite things: bike transport, tacos, and Food Carts in General. Carry on, good sir! I’d have tried a taco (or two) had I not just eaten brunch/were I not about to chug a beer. Alas: the next time I see this gent peddling (and pedaling – HA!) his wares, I’ll pick some up.


Last night I dreamed that I made s’mores using Asian pears instead of graham crackers, homemade mallows instead of store-bought. I know why my brain conjured this dream — I recently read a recipe for a shaved fennel and Asian pear salad and my co-workers have been talking about making marshmallows. Still, I’m pretty pleased that my sleeping brain constructed this tasty-sounding, if zany, combination. I’m already planning to make scones on Friday evening, but I may have to amend my plan to include said “s’mores.” Would you eat a fruit-based s’more? Have you?